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S K Multicolor Chenille Embroidery Machine
S K Multicolor Chenille Embroidery Machine

S K Series Models (Partial)

Model Head Color Emb Area Machine Size Remarks
S K -606 6 6 500*1200 4274*2050*1270 S K Series Multi- color Chain Stitch auto-lifting
S K -608A 8 6 500*1200 5274*2050*1270
S K -610C 10 6 400*800 5174*2050*1270
S K -610A 10 6 500*800 6274*2050*1270
S K -610D 10 6 450*1000 5724*2450*1270
S K -610E 10 6 450*900 5724*2250*1270
S K -610F 10 6 450*800 5724*2050*1270
S K -610G 10 6 450(500)*800 5750*2250*1270
S K -612 12 6 450(500)*1200 6724*2050*1270
S K -613 13 6 300(600)*800 5574*2050*1270
S K -615 15 6 450*1200  
  • High speed working condition: the working speed of independent controlling chenille embroidery heads is 600RPM. And the working speed of Centralized controlled chenille embroidery head can be 700-800rpm. (Latest technology). The machine will automatically control the machine working speed according to different embroidery stitches. According to the computer parameters setting up, you can manually or automatically select any color (can set up 99 times at maximum).At the finishing of the embroidery work, the needles, needle clamps and pressure bar will automatically lift up 27mm, convenient for frame changing work.
  • Multicolor chenille embroidery combining with multicolor flat embroidery create high precision and high value-added mixed embroidery. It can automatically shift from between flat embroidery heads and chenille embroidery heads, easy operation. The moss stitch and chenille stitch shift can be set up on the computer panel manually or autumnally, 99 times setting up at maximum.
  • Automatic needle height adjusting mechanism: according to different moss or chain embroidery stitches standard, the needle height can be adjusted manually or automatically for 10 classes, and you can adjust the embroidery tension according to the pattern and fabric thickness, thus it will sewn out for you the best quality chenille embroidery.
  • Automatic color change function: the colors can be selected manually or automatically on the computer panel, up to 99 times in any desired sequence.
  • Feed back control function: adopt advanced embroidery feed-back control mechanism, which gives accurate control on the needle and the loop action, providing you much precise stitches.
  • Automatic lift-up mechanism: the needle and the nipple presser automatically lift up (maximum 27mm), convenient for frame exchange at the completion of embroidering designs.
  • Automatic stitch change function: the moss stitches and chain stitches shift can be set up on the operation panel. Automatic of manual stitch change is also selectable (maximum 99 times).
  • Equipped with advanced loop thread holding mechanism, the loop thread won’t drop out at the embroidery start. The loop thread back to the rotary hook, the start point reinstates. At embroidery stop it will automatically exert the start point reinstate function, convenient for threading.
  • Automatic stitch-locking system: when color-changing or completing a pattern the machine system will automatically made a chain stitch to avoid thread raveling out.
  • Powerful main shaft driving system and accurate frame driving system: Main shaft driving adopts Panasonic servomotor control, X, Y, Z shafts are equipped with 3 servomotors to control high performance, and offer you powerful and stable frame driving.
  • High speed and lower noisy design: Main parts controlled by servomotor combining with advanced electric technology, realized high speed working condition with much lower noise.
  • Automatic thread cutting function: the machine will automatically cut the thread according to the pattern data. And you can cut the thread at any places by hand.
  • Large screen LCD, the operation panel is the icon and image coordinating together, easy operation, Chinese and English menu is easy switchover. During embroidery work, the embroidery pattern real time show. If the operation or machine has any faulty, the errors will show on the panel. Standard memory is 1,000,000 stitches, and 99 designs.
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