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Multi-Head Chenille Machine with Double Sequins
Multi-Head Chenille Machine with Double Sequins
Multi-Head Chenille Machine with Double Sequins Multi-Head Chenille Machine with Double Sequins

The Specifications of Chain Machine :

Model Head Color Emb.Area Machine Size
S K -610 10 6 450*800mm 6764x2125
S K -611 11 6 550*750mm 7559x2015
S K -612 12 6 450*750mm 5689x2015
S K -322 22 3 216(432)*850mm 6548x2235
S K  332 32 3 216(432)*850mm 8524x2235

This mechanism can be Chain head + double sequins device
  • The latest chain machine have auto trimmer, auto color changing, auto check.
  • Independent motor trimmer of every head, which overcomes all fault caused by centralized thread trimmer mechanism. Machine more stable, no thread broken, 1 person can care for 2 machines at the same time, greatly improved the working efficiency.
  • Independent circle making functions for every stitch, which make all stitches very fastened ,and no thread falling off the material, which avoid the problem of thread falling off on old machines, on which final circle should be made on the end of one pattern get finished. This revolution make the embroidery function to a perfect condition.
  • The minimal head interval is 216mm, and can be 3 colors, once the head interval is over 300mm, and then 6 colors can be performed. The head interval can be projected freely according to your different requirements.
  • The biggest machine is 32 heads; the smallest can be 1 head.
  • You can select double sequins device equipped on 2 sides of every head, or single device selection, but the sequins device is pulling style, no cutter. Or it can be pure chain machine, too. All other functions are very the same. The sequins piece size can be 5mm or 6.75mm, or 5mm and 6.75mm to be in different side. But 3mm is not possible to perform. Sequins affection is very different from the ones made by normal sequins machine. It looks smoother, tidy, and shiny, sequins piece looks to be the same body with material, and it looks very like it is one thread of the whole material, elegance, harmonious.
  • It can perform continual patterns or independent patterns. And it can perform roiling and cording stitch effect on normal material, gauze or water-solubility material only need to adjust the pattern for a little. But the finished stitch is the same soft as materials, very very soft and the design looks from double sides are very the same, no difference. The products touch and looks is very great, stitches is very Junoesque and elegant, and it can make towel stitch, too, bringing u most “in” designs. It is top consumable.
  • As you know the stitches made on roiling machine is very rigid, not soft. The working speed is 500rpm-600rpm, and the thread roiling by one wheel. And the roiling thread can be used up quickly, so you should change the thread very frequently. The latest chain machine has the same speed of 500rpm-600rpm. But no need to change the thread, for it has not bottom thread, can make continual stitch as you want with no thread broken.
  • 22 heads of this style machine can embroidery 5.5yarn material in width, and 32 heads machine can embroidery 7.5yarn material in width. Schiffli machine is 15 yarns in width. 2 pieces work of material is equal to one Schiffli machine work. And what’s more it can perform the designs which Schiffli machine cannot make. For schiffli machine can make only small design, cannot make big designs, and it has only single color, cannot change colors, and it’s too difficult to change the cloth. But our latest chain machine can perform small designs and big designs, and it has 3-6 colors, and what’s more it’s easy top change cloth as you want at any time. The minimum head interval is 216mm, and you can design more small stitch according to your requirement. And it has 32 heads, high efficiency. If you adopt the needle of No.20 or No.21. Then it can use wool to make the embroidery, very big stitch and very beautiful.
  • The lace touch made by normal embroidery machine is too rigid; it is unease to use it on underwear.
  • The made lace is so soft, and can be used for embroidering knitted sweater pieces. The stitch and thread can be consistent as knitted sweater. Greatly improved the products quality.
  • And it has not any demand on thread, normal embroidery thread and rayon is ok.
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